repository naming for Octopress on github

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  • While the Octopress instructions for deploying an Octopress blog on Github are generally quite straightforward, some confusion over the repository name seems fairly common. I ran into it myself. Hopefully this post can spare some other folks hours of research and head-scratching.

    repository name

    personal Octopress blogs use eponymous repositories

    For a personal Octopress blog, you must use <username> (where <username> is your github username) as the name of the repository you create on Github:

    A screenshot of the form for creating a repository on Github, showing entered in the new repository name field.

    From the Github Pages Guide to User, Organization and Project Pages we learn that you can only use your full username, anything else will not work.

    project Octopress blogs use their own repositories

    Do not create a new repository for a project Octopress blog! The blog lives in a branch of the project repository called gh-pages which is created by the rake setup_github_pages command.

    repository url

    The next stumbling block came for me when I ran bin/rake setup_github_pages. Having learned from my last mistake, I was determined to take the instructions more literally. (You can see where this story is going, right? Right?)

    A screenshot of an emacs shell window. Rake has been invoked on setup_github_pages and has asked: Enter the read%2Fwrite url for your repository. For example,

    Hmmmm…. HMMMMMMMM…. Check the repo on github. The read/write access url is Argh! Now what do I do? Follow the instructions or the example? I chose incorrectly, and followed the instructions. Don’t do that. Follow the example. Leave off the .git:

    Another screenshot of the same emacs shell. has been entered in response to the prompt

    anything else?

    I also got my git branches rather tangled and had to untangle them. I broke those notes off into a separate post (underway). In part, it seems a little less common of an Octopress noob problem. Mostly, though, I learned a lot from the experience, and am learning more from doing an in-depth write-up.

    Having Octopress setup problems you haven’t solved? Leave a comment and I’ll look over your virtual shoulder and see if I can help.